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Create your own unique brand and find your niche
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Quickly set up your equipment and software
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Discover the right platform and go live with confidence
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Build an engaged community of loyal supporters
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Create high-quality videos to expand your viewership
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Learn how to collaborate with other streamers
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Determine how and when to monetize your stream
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Learn how (and who) to hire to support your content
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Set up systems to optimize your growth and your time

Learn from people who’ve already reached the top.

Our co-founders Snoopeh and StoneMountain64 have been through the journey themselves.

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6.5 Million Followers and 2.5 Billion Views
Across YouTube and Facebook Gaming
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Combined 15 Years of Content Creation Experience
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360 Industry View: They Know the Business Side of Content Too
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Our community is growing and so are our creators.

TelleVision had 7,000 followers on Facebook Gaming but was feeling lost and wanted to switch games. She’s now a Facebook Gaming Partner with 54,000 followers and 150+ concurrent viewers.
Pitlanes Sim Racing had 1,000 followers on Facebook Gaming and was struggling to find his niche. A year later, he's a Facebook Gaming Partner with 40,000 followers.
L1fewater had 125 followers on Twitch and didn’t know how to create offline content to leverage other platforms. He now has 14,000 followers on Twitch with an average of around 200 concurrent viewers.
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Everything you need, all in one place.

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The Playbook
Our interactive step-by-step guide that covers the fundamental building blocks of streaming. The Playbook is densely packed with everything you need to know to become a successful streamer. Track your progress as you build out your creator battle plan.
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Unlock even more skills with our expert-taught Masterclasses. Get in-depth training in areas like creating YouTube VoDs, using new platforms like TikTok to grow your audience, or building robust communities across multiple platforms.
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Live Mentorship
Learn from some of the top gaming streamers in our live group mentorship sessions. Get your questions answered in real-time by StoneMountain64 and special guests like Fugglet, GoodGameBro, and Rasta La Vistah.
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Create viral videos in less than 30 seconds with our proprietary tool, VertiClip. Export to TikTok, YouTube Shorts, IG Reels and Grow Your Audience.

What our members are saying:

"Just had my best stream to date."
Just had my best stream to date. I decided to take what I was doing and flip it upside down with a fresh new direction and I’m having a blast. So thankful for Pipeline helping reassure me that it’s OK to try new things! Get out there and get creative!!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Not quite. While there’s plenty of information scattered throughout different YouTube videos, Reddit threads, and Facebook posts, the quality can be very unreliable. Most of the information can be surface-level, biased to their particular platform, or put together by people with no experience in streaming. Searching also takes time away from streaming, we want you to focus on what matters.
Our goal is to help you get to build a career in streaming. Our resources, like the Playbook, are designed with longevity in mind. While they cover fundamentals that every newbie needs, it goes all the way to building your business, growing your team and developing the systems you need to scale. We've helped streamers with no followers all the way to millions of followers.
Yes. Our network is global - many of our members are international!
Absolutely. All of our video content, every mentor stream, and of course our Playbook, work in tandem to take you from hobbyist to full-time streamer. This applies to anyone who’s never personally tried it before as well since we cover all the fundamentals and make gear suggestions along the way.