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We believe that everyone has the ability to become a streamer and it’s not just reserved for the lucky few. As an industry, we do a great job of supporting the top 1% but not a great job of supporting those just starting out. We’re here to change that.

Pipeline team

How it all got started.

Our co-founders Snoopeh and StoneMountain64 have been through the journey themselves. Stephen “Snoopeh” Ellis, was a former professional gamer in League of Legends where he regularly pulled in thousands of viewers on Twitch before he joined Facebook Gaming to lead the development of their live streaming initiative.

While at Facebook, Stephen met StoneMountain64 in 2016 and encouraged him to take a bet on producing live content on Facebook. At the time, StoneMountain64 was an established YouTuber with over 2M subscribers - he had started dabbling with live content on Twitch and YouTube.

Encouraged by the vision and support offered by the Facebook team, Stone signed up with Facebook Gaming to start regularly producing live content where he now regularly pulls in over 10,000+ CCV every day and has grown to over 4M followers. His videos collectively have over 700M views.

Our Founders

Both StoneMountain64 and Snoopeh would get asked for help from aspiring streamers who were just starting out every day and felt like there had to be a better way to scale the knowledge they’ve both acquired over the last decade and continue to acquire with those earlier in their journey.

Fast forward to late 2018, they decided to put their heads down and get to work building an educational platform and community dedicated to streamers. We launched in April 2019 and have since grown to have thousands of streamers in our community.

We continue to invest in developing more content, tools and partnerships to support the next generation of streamers turn their passion into a career.

We’re just getting started.
Founders of Pipeline