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Announcement: Monetizing Your Stream With Streamloots
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by Pipeline Team

New Partnership

Today, we're excited to announce our partnership with Streamloots! Streamloots is one of the main ways streamers have to monetize their channels through support from their fans. With over 50,000 streamers creating all types of content - games of any category, to even music or travel - and growing steadily since its creation in 2018, Streamloots provides streamers a new way for fans to interact directly and in real-time with the action on stream.

Sign up for Streamloots and get started today. Members receive huge perks (including one month of 100% revenue share) when registered via the Pipeline Discord channel #bot-commands.


Streamloots’ Mission

Monetizing a streaming channel and its content is always a key question in streamers' minds, which still proves to be challenging for many. At Streamloots, our mission is to enable streamers to turn their passion into a profession as we provide a platform in which they can create meaningful interactions with fans and earn income through viewers' support.


How It Works

Through our free platform, which works with any streaming platform like Twitch, Facebook, or YouTube, streamers can create redeemable interaction cards for viewers when the stream is live. Once an interaction card is played, the streamer performs the action requested to the delight of their audience which generates fun moments like having them sing on the stream, lifting their hands for 10 seconds, or even dressing up as a dinosaur. Everything is possible as every streamer can define the type of interactions they want to have with their viewers! Then, viewers purchase packs of interactions, including sets of cards, and the revenue goes directly to the streamers' accounts.


Who It’s For & Benefits

Every streamer can use Streamloots, no matter their type of content. By partnering with Pipeline, we're providing Pipeline members with exclusive perks that they can enjoy:

  • Exclusive Streamloots Masterclass: a series of lessons on how to use Streamloots at a beginner, intermediate and advanced level created by the Streamloots team for every streamer to go from zero Streamloots experience to having complete control over a new income source.
  • Instant affiliate status for all Pipeline members. In addition, 100% Revenue Share in their first month: This means that all revenue Pipeline members earn in Streamloots in their first month will not have any platform free. After the first month, the platform fee becomes 15% (vs. 20% for non-Pipeline members) until partner status is reached (10% revenue share).
  • Dedicated Support: Direct line for Pipeline creators to contact the Streamloots team for assistance, support, or any troubleshooting needed in using the platform.

We're super excited to help streamers continue to grow and develop what they do best. Together with Pipeline, we can't wait to see how creators will grow their viewers' interactions while growing their revenue.

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