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Announcement: Pipeline x Elgato Partnership
by Snoopeh

I’m excited to announce that we have entered into a multi-year partnership with Elgato and parent company CORSAIR. They have been supportive of what we’re building with Pipeline since we launched last year and this partnership allows us to deepen our commitment to helping content creators turn their passion into a career.

“Growing a channel is challenging and we know that many creators are searching for advice and support,” said Julian Fest, VP and GM of Elgato.

“Pipeline doesn’t just provide all the knowledge new streamers need in one place. They also offer personal training and critique, which is hard to find unless you’re well connected. We think bundling industry leading gear with exceptional coaching is a great way to give ambitious creators a leg up, and we’re excited to see them succeed.”

You all know Elgato as the leading manufacturer of streaming hardware, developing your favorite products like the Stream Deck and the Key Light. Under the terms of our partnership, Elgato will be offering a Streamer Starter Kit that includes a one-year membership for Pipeline along with three Elgato products: the Wave:1 microphone, Stream Deck Mini, and the newly launched Ring Light.

Our partnership will also launch the Pipeline x CORSAIR Streamer Scholarship Program, a first-of-its-kind support system which will help amateur content creators within the Pipeline community to go full-time, with financial support as well as new studio gear from CORSAIR and Elgato.

When StoneMountain64 and I launched Pipeline in April 2019, our goal was to build something that we wish we had when we started. Together we have two decades worth of experience in creating content online and building platforms for content creators. While we’ve both built successful careers in the industry, there have been SO many lessons that we learned the hard way.

Everything from getting your first viewers, migrating platforms, hiring contractors, working with brands, spending more than we needed to on hardware, screwing up our taxes, or signing contracts we shouldn’t have signed and the emotional rollercoaster of having viewership highs and lows. It’s a journey, we’ve been through it all and are still going through it! The learning never stops. 😊

Anyone can become a full-time content creator but it is important to emphasize that it takes hard work and it won’t happen overnight. Our goal is to help you accelerate your path by gaining insights, mentorship and support from those who’ve built careers in the industry already. Alongside a supportive, professional community of thousands of other streamers across Twitch, YouTube and Facebook.

Already a member of Pipeline?

Our partnership with Elgato and Corsair is going to allow us to more deeply support you. We’re going to be doing more giveaways, creating more content and offering additional services for you. Some of this you’ll start to see later this year and more will be coming in 2021. Stay tuned! 👀

Availability and Pricing

The Streamer Starter Kit (Elgato Wave:1, Stream Deck Mini, Ring Light, and 12 Month All-Access Pipeline Membership) is immediately available on for $549.99.

The Streamer Scholarship Program will launch its first cohort in January 2021, with applications available to all Pipeline members opening up in December 2020.

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