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Bringing the Playbook to Life
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by Justin Banusing

When we started Pipeline, we set out to give streamers a step by step guide to building a career in streaming. It took us years to figure everything out and we want to help you save time by learning from those who’ve actually built careers in the industry. The heart of Pipeline is our Playbook for streamers -- a set of modules and lessons that serve as an evergreen guide for streamers of any kind, regardless of what and where they stream or where they’re at in their career. We’ve thousands of members in our community, and with them have come a variety of needs and learning preferences.

While the Playbook’s text-based content will always have a place, we recognize that some people learn differently. We’re excited to announce we’re bringing the Playbook to life! You’ve been asking for and each week from now, we’ll be releasing a module in the Playbook in video format hosted by our co-founder StoneMountain64 himself. This idea came about after receiving an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from the community on our Masterclass video series, and we’re looking forward to bringing video to the Playbook too!

The first episode will cover the Purpose module of our Foundations pillar and is now available on the Playbook section of our website. As finding your purpose is an essential part of every streamer’s journey -- a journey more and more people are starting everyday -- we’ve also decided to publicly release it for free below! We’re hard at work bringing everything you love about the Playbook into video format for new members but also for existing members who often refer back to the playbook throughout their career. If you have any feedback or suggestions about this, feel free to reach out to us at!


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