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Challenge Accepted: A Revenue Stream For Competitive Players
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Challenge Accepted: A Revenue Stream for Competitive Players | PlayStream


It takes a lot to be at the top of your game. Diversifying revenue streams helps build financial stability for creators, so they can focus on doing what they do best: playing the game. That’s why we’re introducing PlayStream’s new tool Challenge Accepted for all creators looking for that extra edge. 


PlayStream’s Challenge Accepted tool allows streamers to interact with their audience in a completely novel way. Viewers can now give their favorite streamers challenges that, upon completion, unlock the reward attached to it.


Viewer engagement is paramount for creators and using tools to augment that interaction can spark growth and new revenue. If your community likes betting on (or against) you to make those huge plays in Apex, League, or Warzone, then this could help take your channel to the next level. 


🛠 How does this streaming tool work? 


When you go live, your community can now engage with your stream in real time by sending you a monetary challenge through PlayStream’s Challenge Accepted interface. Showcase it on-stream visually and make it your own with customizable OBS Overlays, TTS Sounds, and Animations. The tool watches your stream and automatically detects when challenges are completed, which then triggers payment. 


🎮 What platform does PlayStream work on?  


It works on all streaming platforms, so anyone can use it!  


💸 Does it cost me anything? 


Free to download and use, PlayStream takes 10-20% of every challenge completed through Challenge Accepted depending on your level with them, Streamer, Affiliate, or Partner. If the challenge is incomplete, there are no costs for the viewer or the streamer. 


🏆 How do I unlock rewards?  


Your community creates custom challenges for you by attaching a reward to a specific goal and setting a time limit for you to complete it. If you complete the challenge within the parameters set, you unlock the reward. If the challenge is incomplete, your viewer isn’t charged anything, and you won’t receive anything.  


✨ How does this benefit me? 


Three key ways: 


1. It sets your stream apart from others

2. Prioritizes viewer engagement by having them be invested in the outcome of your game

3. Encourages them to donate to your channel


Example of challenge options viewers can set for their favorite streamers.


Now that PlayStream is partnered with Pipeline… *drumroll* 🥁  All Pipeline members will have automatic access to PlayStream’s affiliate level and receive the following benefits: 


Affiliate Status, which includes:


- 85% revenue on all challenges

- Affiliate Banner

- Personalized Emotes and Alerts Animation

- Private Discord channel with 24/7 support


Pipeline Monthly members will also receive 95% revenue cut for their first month with PlayStream

Pipeline Annual members will also receive 100% revenue cut for their first month with PlayStream


If you want to get started today, head over to the Pipeline Discord channel #bot-commands to redeem your special benefits with PlayStream. PlayStream's support team is available 24/7 on their Discord for any questions or assistance needed! 


Below is a list of games that you can use with Challenge Accepted today!  The PlayStream team is constantly adding new games and challenges, so make sure you check them out! 


- Fortnite

- Among Us

- Apex

- Warzone

- DBD Killers

- DBD Survivor

- League of Legends

- Fall Guys

- Valorant

- Splitgate


Not yet a member? Join Pipeline today and receive all the membership perks! 

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