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Choosing A Game To Grow With
by Snoopeh

🎮 Choosing A Game You Can Grow With


Finding what sets you apart from the crowd is a huge part of creating content. While streaming is still a relatively new space, it’s busy enough that it’s tough to be discovered organically. It can be challenging to be objective and easy to assume that you can go live with any type of game to quickly find success, but the truth is that what you play matters. A lot.


When you’re still finding your footing, it’s more important than ever to make sure you’re setting yourself up for success based on the factors that you can control. Choosing the game that you’ll be streaming is one of those factors.


Let's do some napkin math. There are 8 million streamers on Twitch alone. Looking back on data from the past 7 days on SullyGnome, we see that the top 20 games were broadcasted by roughly 1.8 million streamers. That's 22% of all the streamers on Twitch.


To boil it down even further, let's focus on the top game of the week: Fortnite. Over the past 7 days, Fortnite was played by roughly 267,000 streamers. If you're a newer Fortnite streamer and trying to find viewers, that's a lot of competition.



Alternatively, you could bet on a newer or less popular game. For example, looking at the same 7 day window we see that Mario Kart 8 Deluxe was only streamed on 2,921 channels, yet it still had an average viewer ratio of 80! This is actually a higher viewer ratio than any of the top 20 games have. You can see how it might be a little easier to stand out in a crowd of 3,000 streamers than to stand out in a crowd of 267,000.


When you're starting out or changing strategies, we strongly recommend trying out a few games to see what works. Make sure you try out each game long enough (you won't see results overnight), and that you're supporting growth through creating offline content.


Conversely, if you've been playing the same game for a year and putting in the right amount work but are seeing stagnant growth, it might be a good idea to test out a new game.


There are many different strategies you can test. If you've established an audience with one particular game but aren't seeing the growth that you want, you could start testing out 2 newer or smaller games on the side. Think, are there any new games in beta that you're particularly excited about? Is there a game that's been around for a few years but is lacking in good VOD content? These are all great places to start. 


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