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Community Spotlight: Almighty Ginger
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Welcome to the latest installment of the Pipeline Community Spotlight, a series where we share stories from members of our community in an effort to inspire, connect, and teach.


Chasing your dreams often isn’t easy, and Almighty Ginger can attest to that. 


Two years ago, Ginger had the most stable of lives. He had a high paying job in shipping logistics and had more than enough for him, his fiance and his child. But deep down, he knew the life he had just wasn’t for him. 


Despite enabling Ginger a comfortable lifestyle, the long-winded and strenuous nature of his job caused him great amounts of stress and many sleepless nights. He wasn't happy. He knew what he had to do, and it involved an old love: gaming. 


Growing up, video games were Ginger's favorite pastime and helped him deal with depression and anxiety. Games helped him through some rough patches, and he realized he could use them to bring smiles to others too. So after doing a couple of test streams for fun and drawing inspiration from StoneMountain64, he decided to become a streamer himself in late 2018.


And later on, in the Summer of 2019, he took a leap of faith: he quit his job, pulled out his 401K and pension and decided to become a full-time streamer. 


Since then, Ginger's made big strides in his career. He’s helped raise thousands of dollars for charity throughout the year and developed a strong daily content pipeline. There’s a lot going on for him right now, so we talked with him earlier this week in an effort to learn more about him, his journey and lessons he’s learned along the way.


Here’s what he had to say! 


Who are you? How would you describe yourself to someone you had just met?


I am just a big goofy kid stuck in an adult body with a big heart. I enjoy helping those who need and truly deserve the help. I’ve decided to hold on to what I love and enjoy it -- even if that meant "never growing up".


How did your streaming journey start? 


I tried out Nvidia’s built in software to stream to my personal Facebook for fun. Then, I realized I had the hardware and capability to start and actually stream. I drew inspiration from StoneMountian64 and said “LET'S GO”!


What was it like, suddenly going full time? 


I took a huge risk. I left a well paying job because it was killing me. Stress, severe depression, no sleep working nights. I had to get out. My fiance and I took a calculated risk and cashed out my 401k and pension to try and grow my stream. 


I wish I had known how hard it was to grow, even though we're streaming full time hours. Streaming is NOT easy -- don't ever think it is. It's A LOT of work, be ready to put the work in and treat it like an actual career?


What are some of the most memorable moments and challengers of your streaming career? 


Honestly, it's all the wonderful people I've met through streaming. Viewers in the community and other streamers I proudly and happily call my friends now. In 2020, we’ve raised a total of $3612.27 for charity. We forward 50% of our donations to a new charity each month!


That said, the biggest challenge that I have overcome is becoming a healthier person both in attitude and mental health. I’ve realized that it's much better to take care of yourself and just have fun then worry about all the little things that come with being a streamer.


Your journey has been quite a long one. What do you wish you knew when you were starting out as a streamer that you want new ones to know? 

I wish I knew how important consistency is. Also, it's incredibly important that you are enjoying yourself. Why work a job you hate and are not enjoying? Don't you look for a new job if that's the case? Don't let streaming become something you dislike.


If you're not having fun, do you really enjoy streaming?


Speaking of fun and happiness, what keeps you motivated to stay on the grind?


My family motivates me. My fiance is the epitome and definition of support. I wouldn't be here doing this if I did not have her 110% level of support. Also, I am tired of hate and division in this world. We're going to change the world by making a positive impact on people's lives from around the world!


Let's shift gears  and talk about the future. What do you have planned?


To keep doing what I am doing. We're not in this for the money. My goals are to be able to be comfortable but continue to help others that need the help!


That’s awesome to hear. Thank you for doing this interview! Before we end, could you describe your 2020 in a nutshell?


Ups and downs. Depression and highs. Defeat and Victory. Failure and Success. GROWTH from failure. Self analysis, as well as evolving perceptions and attitude. Improved mental health and outlook on everything!


Thanks Ginger! And where can people find you?


All the streamy goodness happens here:


All the networking, some clips and nonsense happens here:


Once again, shoutouts to Ginger for taking the time to do this interview! His growth has been nothing but inspiring and we can't wait to see where he heads next!

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