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Community Spotlight: Atura Spark
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Welcome to the sixth installment of the Pipeline Community Spotlight! Each week, we highlight a member of the community and their story in an effort to share learnings among each other and bring everyone closer together even in these trying times.

Husband. Father. Pro team owner. Full-time streamer. Throughout his entire time in the gaming scene, Joseph “Atura Spark” Hosein has been all of these and more. A firm believer in doing the most he can, he has strived to create great experiences for him and his peers over the past few years -- beginning with founding and running a professional esports organization and now, streaming. He did this all while being a family man, proving that anyone can make it in the space with the right amount of effort and dreaming. Earlier this week, we did an interview with Joseph to learn more about him, his motivations and what he has planned for the future. Here’s what he had to say!

First of all, who are you? How would you describe yourself to someone who just tuned in to your stream?

My name is Joseph Hosein ala Atura Spark. I am a caring and very ambitious full time streamer. I got into gaming when I was a kid and really enjoyed the outlet it had to offer!  My streaming journey started when I decided the competitive scene was just beginning to be too demanding. I wanted to set out and create a community bigger than myself.

How would you define your streaming career so far, in terms of both highlights and challenges?

The biggest milestone of all was making the switch from a part time streamer with a full time job to being a full time streamer as my main occupation. Some of the challenges I faced were balancing being a husband and a father and a content creator at the same time.

That’s definitely a challenge juggling all that. What do you wish you knew when you started out your streaming journey?

Something I wish I knew when I first started out is that you cannot get focused on the numbers or stats when you start streaming. Creating content should always be the first focus and the numbers will follow!

Even with all the struggles, what motivates you to keep streaming?

My community is what motivates me everyday to continue streaming. I truly believe in my mission in creating a community bigger than myself while bringing joy and laughter to the lives of people all across the world.

What do you think sets you apart from other streamers?

I believe my passion and drive for the people really sets me apart from other streamers. Although it may not be ideal all the time, I really focus on every single one of my viewers needs and try to cater to everyone.

That’s awesome. I’m sure your viewers appreciate that. But let’s talk about you. What are your long term goals?

My goal is to get Atura Gaming fully off the ground with other like minded content creators and relaunch my organization as a leading force in the gaming industry for entertainment.

That’s a great goal. Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with us! Before we send you off, are there any shoutouts you want to do?

I would like to give a bout out to @CapitanShred for being one of the most humble streamers I know. You can find me love every day on Facebook at FB.GG/AturaGaming at 9AM EST.

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