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Community Spotlight: Krayven
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Welcome to the fourth installment of the Pipeline Community Spotlight! Each week, we highlight a member of the community and their story in an effort to share learnings among each other and bring everyone closer together even in these trying times.


Streamer. Sailor. Mentor. For longtime Pipeline member, Krayven, all three roles are hats he's worn over the past two years. After over a decade-long career in the Navy, this beloved community member took up streaming as a way to share his passionate personality and love for games with the world. While he initially set out to create content for just himself and his audience, he eventually found a greater purpose in helping newer streamers get their start -- serving as a mentor to many aspiring creators.We were able to find the time to chat with Krayven and learn more about his story earlier this week. From how he got his start in streaming to his goals for the future, here's what he had to say!

Tell us a bit about yourself! How’d you describe yourself to someone you just met?

I'm funny and sarcastic, someone you hate to love! I've been in the Navy for 15 years now. Gaming and adventure are my hobbies, and I’m looking for the next bit of fun wherever that may be. I work on gun and missile systems in the Navy, but also helping people with their streaming career!

15 years is quite a while to be doing something, but you've also been streaming for a bit. How did you get into streaming in the first place?

Only 5 more years until I retire!  I got into streaming playing "Outlast" and having my friends laugh at me because it was funny to watch me be scared. Decided to make it into a career when I found that I could play games and just turn on a camera for the amusement of others. Being that I have so long left in the Navy, starting now to build a cult now would set me up for a career after the Navy.

Backtracking a bit though, were video games always a big part of your life? Was the decision to start streaming based on that or more on the desire to create entertaining content?

I've been playing games for as long as I can remember. Started with Atari and Nintendo. Made the switch to PC somewhat in high school. Bouncing around consoles and PC until I started streaming strictly on PC. I never really felt the need to entertain, I love gaming and streaming just became an extension of that. I'm a gamer that streams, not a streamer that games.

That's an interesting distinction, and it's great that you've been keeping streaming up for so long anyway. But outside of just streaming games, you're also big into helping others with their streaming careers too. How did that start, and why?

I've been streaming for around 2 years and I made all the mistakes a new streamer could make. Time is money, and helping people not make those mistakes helps them get to where they want faster. After reading the Pipeline Playbook I found out how to break it down verbally so that people that may not learn from reading can have an example if I can break it down through talking. Might make it easier to digest.

Yeah, it's only natural that people make mistakes when they're new, and it's great that you're there to help guide them. What are some of the most important lessons that you've tried to impart to others?

Just enjoy what you are doing, enjoy the games and the process. The numbers, viewers, followers will fall into place after you enjoy it. Focusing on the numbers will turn streaming into a job, and jobs suck.

In terms of your streaming career as a whole though, what are some of your most memorable moments? When you look back on how these early years have been, what would you cite?

My most memorable moments weren't really during stream. Going to Twitchcon and meeting up with people that knew me, watch me on a regular and meeting new people was the best. It linked text in chat to a face and it was awesome. Some of my best friends I've met while gaming/ streaming together and I can't really trade that for anything.

It's really the people you meet that makes an experience, I agree. So winding down, what's next? What do you have planned for the future in terms of goals?

Short term, just keep enjoying the games I play. Long term would be to eventually make partner and turn streaming into a full time career after the Navy, I don't expect either one to happen anytime soon.

Awesome! Thank you for your time, but before we end, do you have any shoutouts or last words to say?

Just one thing: "#BlameBird".

That's it for this Community Spotlight! If you enjoyed hearing about Krayven, be sure to follow him on Twitch or Twitter!

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