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Community Spotlight: ProfChumbles
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Welcome to the ninth installment of the Pipeline Community Spotlight! Each week, we’ll be highlighting a member of the community and their story in an effort to share learnings among each other and bring everyone closer together even in these trying times.


This week, we’re featuring variety streamer and sommelier ProfChumbles.  After being a PC gaming enthusiast for almost his entire life, he started his streaming journey last year on a whim as a way to stay in touch with his friends and pursue his shower thought of becoming the "Anthony Bourdain of Twitch". Today, his unique mix of variety streaming and wine-related content has given him a following of his own -- who all tune in to see his friendly personality and gain some knowledge on the different boozes of the world.Even with his busy schedule, ProfChumbles took the time to sit down with us earlier this week to talk about his streaming career so far, how his sommelier background plays into his content and his plans for the future. Here's what he had to say!

Who are you? How would you describe yourself to someone you had just met?

I've been described as a man who wears many hats. I like to think I know a little about a lot. My friends like comparing me to Alec Baldwin for my dry, cynical, pessimistic personality. Which I think is hilarious because people who have seen me stream have compared me to Tigger. Still working on perfecting that Tigger song.Video games have always been in my life. My parents used to make us go to bed at 8pm so they could play Mario on Nintendo. I think I was 6 when I was playing ActRaiser on SNES, and refused to stop before I was ripped away because our house was on fire. At 13, I built my first PC just so I could play Counter Strike 1.2. I'll never stop gaming.

How did your streaming journey start?


I was moving away from my long time home in Minnesota a little more than a year ago. I was leaving to pursue a career as a wine professional and sommelier. Friends I was leaving behind are even bigger gamers than myself, so I built a new PC to stay in touch with them. Then like lightning, I got this hair brained idea to become the Anthony Bourdain of Twitch. Just with maybe a little more focus on delicious boozes of the world.

What are some of the most memorable milestones/achievements of your streaming career?


I honestly can't think of milestones. I hardly ever look at my numbers. I'm still a newer streamer working on evolving content. What's memorable for me are the moments when people have given touching feedback. "Never stop streaming" or "you just made my day" is really what's rewarding for me. I want to be entertaining and maybe educational when I get the opportunity. So, I remember streams where people become enthusiastic and really involved in what's happening. That's what I live for now!

On the topic of memorable, what about challenges?

There are of course challenges with finances, tech, schedules, consistency. You want to give everything you can, but that's not realistic. I've seen so many streamers burn out because they struggle balancing any of those challenges. I mean, life! Am I right? For me, right now, I wish I could give more time. Eventually, I will. But, I have a plan for that to happen. I am actively working towards making that happen, but I have to prioritize some other things in my life. All streamers should know that that's ok!

What do you wish you knew when you were starting out as a streamer that you want new ones to know?

Community! Community! Community! This one, that one, all of them! For this game, that niche, whatever. I came into streaming with absolutely no clue what I was doing, alone. I was lucky enough to fall into some discord communities early. None as good as this one of course, but I wouldn't be where I am without them and Pipeline.

What defines you as a content creator? What do you think sets you apart from other streamers?

So, being a variety streamer is tough. You, the streamer, are the show. Luckily for me, I feel like I can talk about virtually anything with anyone. I especially can talk to myself for hours, which will happen from time to time. Then, I do try to pull my professional knowledge of food and drinks into every stream. Lots of plans to expand on that.

How have you integrated your background as a sommelier into your streaming career?

I have so many plans for this. There will be more offline content surrounding the subject. Which is designed to funnel people to my stream, but those challenges get in the way. I'm literally only home three days every week right now. Once that changes, I hope to create a few series of YouTube videos including wine education, cocktail tutorials/history, game and drink pairing highlight videos. Plus, a whole slew of reviews on my website I'm working on right now. Eventually IRL streaming, but that's a ways away.

What are your goals for the future? Long term and short term.

Long term, the idea is to be the Anthony Bourdain of Twitch. Eating and drinking my way around the world while IRL streaming. In the meantime, I'm just trying to perfect my craft and enjoy gaming and streaming. Learning more video editing, photography, and marketing. That way, once I get a handle on my content, I can push out to people in a big way.

Any shoutouts you'd like to do? Where can people find you on the internet?


Shout out to Pipeline! I've learned so much here. It's an incredible resource and community. Also, shout-out to wine! Making all food better! If you want to have a drink with me, check out my stream

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