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Community Spotlight: RyGuy
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Meet Ryan “RyGuy” Kellum, a mobile gaming streamer and Pipeline community member who just started streaming in the past month. With just about 30 days of streaming under his belt, he’s already been making waves -- growing to 2,000 followers and 200+ peak viewers in that short period of time. 


RyGuy has always loved being a creative, coming from a skateboarding background. So while his streaming journey only started recently, his path towards creating did not. He never thought he’d be a streamer at 35 years of age, but that all changed after stumbling upon Dr. Disrespect and realizing that age didn’t matter -- just the drive to create content.


After that, he bought himself a PC for streaming and hasn’t looked back since.


Earlier this week, we sat down with RyGuy to learn more about his story, how he got to where he is today and his plans for his channel. Here’s what he had to say!  


1. Who are you? How would you describe yourself to someone you had just met?


I would describe myself as unapologetically positive. Always looking for the best in things and on the lookout to spread the positive energy. Especially in the gaming & skateboarding community.


2. How did you get into gaming? 


As long as I can remember I've had a console or a PC in the house. The first was an Atari. I'm 35, so by the time my mom got a computer they weren't very refined--as far as gaming goes. I had a Pinball, Minesweeper and Chips Challenge. I adored them all. Hooked from the beginning.


3. How did your streaming journey start? 


I started streaming 26 days ago at the time of writing this; but the journey started long before that.


About 4 years ago I had a huge shift in my life that pushed me creatively. Being a skateboarder most of my life, I've always been involved in some sort of creativity and content creation. So I decided to get into content creation again --  mostly helping people with their online presence. I did that for a few years and it didn't go well. I wasn't passionate about it.


I'm a little older than the majority in this community from my experience and streaming wasn't really a thing in my life. I think one of the first ones I saw was Dr. Disrespect or Ninja. Seeing Doc and him being close to my age really inspired me to get into it. He showed me that it's possible, and that if you have something you wanna put out there, people will watch it. 


I am compelled to push a positive message. So I took my love for gaming, the last $1200 bucks I had to build a capable PC, and jumped right in. And I love it.


4. What are some of the most memorable milestones/achievements of your streaming career?


Peaking at over 200 viewers and maintaining them for like over half an hour was wild. It felt really good to have chat blow up and it was all positive. Such a good feeling to carry that kind of vibe with that many people in real time. The energy was indescribable. I just hit 2k followers on Facebook yesterday, too. That was awesome. 


5. You've grown quite a bit in just a short amount of time; what do you think are the factors that made you grow that fast? 


I think it's a combination of me streaming Mobile Legends and the lack of North American streamers for the game, my unusually positive energy, and a bit of the online marketing experience I've developed in years past.


I try and engage in chat as much as possible, taking the fact that I'm a noob and getting the chat to be my teacher. Almost every one of them who comment wants to help. They feel not only a part of what's happening, but they also feel like they are in some way responsible for the positive outcome. 


Genuinely focusing on the content and the community has probably been the biggest factor in my growth.


6. What do you wish you knew when you were starting out as a streamer that you want new ones to know? 


Don't focus on the numbers! Focus on the game, your message and your viewers. I already knew this coming in, but I feel like nothing can prepare you for that. You just have to run through the motions. Natural progression and growing pains. 


7. Why do you stream Mobile Legends? How did you discover the game?


I stumbled across Mobile Legends on Facebook. I was looking to learn new things, gave it a shot and it worked. I've grown to love the game genuinely!


8. Are you looking to get into other mobile MOBAs like Wild Rift and Arena of Valor? 


I've never played MOBA games before Mobile Legends. I love the strategy that goes into them. I have a lot of friends that are pushing me towards Heroes of the Storm and I pre-registered for League of Legends: Wild Rift.


9.  What are your goals for the future?


For the short term, I want to get the fan subscription feature from Facebook Gaming. I personally wasn't too worried about it, but I've had a fair amount of viewers request it. Also, I want to get my AC fixed. My AC doesn't work in my streaming room, and it's hot here in Florida!


Long term is to flesh out who I am in this community and figure out how not to pigeonhole myself into one game. Learn to have a more clearly defined strategy and execute within appropriate margins. A more defined long term goal would be to have 5k followers by 2021 and a concurrent viewership of a minimum of 100 viewers.


10. Any shoutouts you'd like to do? Where can people find you on the internet?


People can find me streaming at and almost anywhere else @yoryguy -- Instagram, Twitter, Steam, Blizzard, etc.


Thank you to Ryan for agreeing to do this interview! We at Pipeline are extremely inspired by his story and hope he only continues to grow.

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