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Community Spotlight: Sugarsockz
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by Pipeline Team

For this week’s community spotlight, meet Sugarsockz  -- a dedicated gamer juggling her streaming dreams and being a full-time mom! Having been an avid fan of RPG’s since getting her hands on the first PlayStation, a big part of her stream is sharing her passion for them with the world. 


Sugarsockz has been streaming for over 4 years now, experiencing both highs and lows that have shaped her into a veteran creator with a wealth of knowledge.  Over the past two months, she’s gone through a period of massive growth and is only continuing to pop-off with each passing day! 


Even though Sugarsockz has a busy schedule, she took the time to talk with us earlier this week to tell us all about her streaming journey. Her story of overcoming adversity is something we at the Pipeline team admire greatly, and we’re excited to share it with you! 


How did you get into gaming? 


My dad actually. I remember him playing Legend of Dragoon and Tomb Raider on PS1 and really wanting to join him so I had to learn how to play. He taught me everything I needed to do and we would spend afternoons together playing through various games.


How did your streaming journey start? 


My husband brought it up to me. I didn't actually know about Twitch until then and the prospect of getting to play video games for a living was very very appealing to me. I get to do something I already love doing? Sign me up!


What do you consider the most memorable part of your streaming journey?


Since getting more serious about streaming in the last 2 months, I have doubled my followers, blew through goals I genuinely never thought I would achieve this soon. I couldn't be more proud of the community around me.


On the topic of memorable, what about challenges?


I struggled for 4 years to grow. We're talkin' barely making it over 6 average viewers, non-active chat, and maybe 2 subs if I was lucky and let me tell you it was difficult to even think about still going. But honestly looking back those struggles taught me so much including what NOT to do.


What do you wish you knew when you were starting out? 


No matter how many trolls you get in your chat, the most toxic person you will meet is you and your mentality. Comparing yourself to others and putting unrealistic expectations on yourself is only setting yourself up for failure.


What motivates you to keep streaming despite all the challenges?


My daughter. I was a single mom for a few years and she's always been my number one motivator. I keep pushing myself and reaching for goals because I want to show her that if you have a passion and you work hard for it, the sky's the limit.


What defines you as a content creator? 


I strive to make my stream and community a safe space for all. Especially during this trying time, everyone needs a place where they can leave the daily stressors at the door and take a breath of fresh air. Video games have always been my sanctuary and I want to bring that to everyone who watches.


Where do you see yourself in the future? 


The big one is Partner of course but being a bigger part of Pipeline in general is a pretty big long term goal I have. I also want to do more along the lines of charity and local community outreach.


Big shout outs to Sugarsockz for agreeing to do this interview! If you enjoyed it, you can follow her on Twitch, Facebook and Twitter at @Sugarsockzgg.


Thanks for reading, and see you next week for another Pipeline Community Spotlight! 

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