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Content Automation With Replay Buffers
by Snoopeh

🎥 How To Accelerate Your Short-Form Video Workflow


Short-form content is continuing to pick up steam (just check out YouTube's new $100M Shorts fund in the news below!) Lately I've been talking a lot about YouTube Shorts, TikTok, and Instagram Reels, and how important it is to start testing your content on these platforms. I've also been sharing advice for managing your time effectively when you're creating and posting all of your offline content.


Today, I wanted to add another protip to the mix to make it even easier: the OBS replay buffer. This is such a good hack that it even gets its own section in the Pipeline Playbook.


What is the OBS replay buffer?


The replay buffer is a tool in OBS that allows you to clip the best moments of your stream as they happen, like a functional bookmark. It saves you so much time when you're scrubbing through your stream afterwards looking for great moments to share.


How do you set it up?


In OBS, open the Settings panel, then navigate down to Output. On the Output screen, select "Enable Replay Buffer." Set your maximum replay time to sixty seconds, or however long you like. On the right panel select Hotkeys. In the Filter bar type "replay." Select Start Replay Buffer - Save Replay and set it to your key of choice like the tilde key.


That's it, whenever you know you just had a great moment in your stream, hit the Replay Buffer key and OBS will automatically save the last minute of your stream. Just make sure to keep an eye on your RAM as that's where OBS stores your temporary recording. If it’s getting overloaded, shorten your maximum replay time to thirty seconds and/or change your recording mode to a lower bitrate.



Okay, I've set it up and I've recorded some great clips, now what?


Hopefully you've been reading the Pipeline Digest and have been spending some time planning out your weekly social posting schedule. If not, now is a great time to start! The next step is to set up your TikTok and/or YouTube accounts and get ready to test your first short-form videos (Instagram Reels is also great but we'd focus on those two first).


Between the OBS replay buffer, social planning and scheduling tools (like Hootsuite), and easy-to-use video editing software (like Filmora), you've got a ready-made short-form video workflow.


Check out this article I wrote about my Top Picks For Editing Software, there's a ton of info on the best free and paid editing options out there for streamers. 


So what are you waiting for?   


Get creating! 

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