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Discoverability On Discord Stages
by Snoopeh

How To Grow Your Community Using Discord Stages


Starting last week, Discord enabled discoverability for public Stages channels (you might’ve already noticed the new Stage Discovery section that showcases them). If you've been curious about testing out audio-only events, there hasn't been a better time, because thanks to this new discoverability feature you can now use public Stages to reach new audiences.


In case you haven’t had a chance to explore Stage channels yet, they’re audio-only Discord channels (similar to Clubhouse) that allow users to have more intimate and focused conversations.



Here are some audio event types you can host to try and bring in new listeners using Stage Discovery:


1. AMAs

2. Interviews

3. Community Q&As

4. Read-alongs

5. Podcasting

6. Karaokes


Make sure to check out the Stage Discovery section to see what others are doing and get inspo!


This feature just launched, so the sooner you give it a shot, the more listeners you’re likely to find! To learn more about setting up Stages and best practices, head to Discord's official Stages page.


Speaking of Discord, you can connect with other like minded streamers here.

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