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Facebook Ads For Creators
by Snoopeh

A Primer On Facebook Ads For Creators

How to get started and when to use them


Many of you have been asking about how to use Facebook ads to grow your channel, so I put together a little guide to help you get started. In this guide, I’ll address these two questions:


1. What is the difference between Facebook ads and boosted posts?

2. When should you be utilizing them?


Note: You don't need to be actively streaming on Facebook Gaming to benefit from Facebook ads. You can send traffic anywhere, including Twitch and YouTube. But you do need a Facebook Gaming (or business) page and an Ads Manager Account (free) to get started. We do recommend having that page set up with your photo + info as some people might click through the ad to check out your page before they go anywhere else.


What is the difference between Facebook ads vs boosted posts?


Boosting a post means promoting a post that you've published on your page so that it gets seen by more of your followers (there are a few more targeting options as well). Boosting a post can be done directly from your page. You can also boost Instagram posts!


Facebook ads are a bit more complicated but give you more control with targeting, creative, objectives (like page clicks or likes), and placements (where the ad will be shown). Creating a Facebook ad has to be done via Ads Manager (note: you're also able to use the "Promote" option on your Facebook Gaming page, but we recommend the Ads Manager as it gives you more options). Facebook allows you to deliver your ads across many places including the newsfeed, Instagram, and even in apps and mobile games via the Audience Network.



When to boost a post:


1. To expand your audience


If one of your posts is performing exceptionally well (for example, it’s getting lots of shares or comments), this is a good opportunity to put yourself out there. You already know it’s good content, so put a little money behind it and test to see if it appeals to a wider audience. It could bring you some new follows and page likes!


2. When you have an important update


If you have an update that you really want many of your followers to see, for example a milestone ("10k followers! Thank you!"), you can put some dollars down if you want to reach a higher percentage of your followers compared to your average organic post.


When to use Facebook ads:


1. To run a Page Like campaign


If you click on the "Engagement" campaign objective (as pictured below), you'll see the option to create a Page Like campaign. How this campaign works is it'll include a button with the text "Like Page" when it displays the ad to your audience. This is something you can do if you're just getting your brand off the ground or really itching to hit that next milestone. Just keep in mind that page likes alone won't get you to where you want to be. It's just as important to engage your audience and keep them happy.


2. To promote your stream to new audiences

Like in the image shown above, you can create a highlight video ad to promote your stream. Make sure to include what days and time you go live!


3. To re-engage past viewers


This technique called retargeting is a little more advanced, but you can use it to target people who have watched your video content in the past and prompt them to take the action you want. Just go to the Audience Manager and create a custom audience including people who have liked your posts, watched your VoDs, and more. You can then use this audience in any campaign you like. For example, send them to your stream!



My recommendation:


Start with a small budget, and remember to test! There are so many things you can test on Facebook ads: the different campaign objectives, the creative, the messaging, the placements, and the audiences.


A few pointers to help get you started:


- On ads, videos perform better than images, so use videos whenever possible (as well as captions - many people don't turn on their audio!)

- If you don't know where to start with audience targeting, stick with the default broad audience; Facebook's algorithm is surprisingly good at finding the right people.

- Don't get discouraged if your first ad doesn't do well. Just keep chipping away at it and you'll get the hang of it in no time!


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