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Fast-Track Your TikTok Success
by Snoopeh

5 Tips To Find TikTok Success


More and more creators are using TikTok as a means of promoting their brands and channels. Why? For the discoverability. In comparison to other platforms, TikTok generates massive FOMO among its users. This makes it easier to build your following and even go viral.


I've put together some tips to help you fast-track your TikTok success. With YouTube Shorts launching soon, it's a great time to start mastering short-form content.


🏰 Building That Follower Base With Consistency


To kick things off: be consistent. And yeah, I know I'm always talking about consistency, but it works! TikTok actually rewards you for posting regularly. Try this out for yourself and watch your follower count closely: post 2 times a day for the next month. The last tip will suggest something you can do to easily accomplish this, so read through! 😉


🕵️‍♀️ Trending Hashtags Are Your Friend


Look at the trending hashtags - they change constantly and can be used to help others find your content. This is one of the fastest ways to get your content seen, because people will search for content under these hashtags specifically. For a fun challenge, choose a trend that's not gaming-related and find a good way to incorporate it into gaming!



📺 Using Trends To Go Viral


Pay attention to trends. We're sure you've seen at least one TikTok dance video. Luckily, you don't have to dance; there are several types of trends on TikTok that you can explore, from challenges to filters and beyond. To see what's currently popular in gaming, for example, just type "gaming" into the search bar. Find trends that you're comfortable producing and crank them out to get that visibility!


🪁 Getting Master Reach Boost


To expand your reach, people have to WATCH your TikToks, and the longer, the better. For ultimate visibility on the platform you want people to not only watch your TikTok in full, but also comment, like and share. As you may have noticed, this is similar across many social and content-sharing platforms. Engagement is king.


🚀 Clipping Your Stream


Start uploading clips from your stream to TikTok. This is powerful for two reasons: first, it's a great way to quickly generate content to post on TikTok, and second, it gives people an idea of what they can expect if they jump into your stream. To start tapping the TikTok audience for your stream, we recommend overlaying your stream link or handle on top of your TikTok video so people know how to find you outside of the platform.



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