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Finding Your Clan
by Snoopeh

How To Find Streamers In Your Niche


I've talked about streamers finding their niche when it comes to games, genres, and format, but what about finding like-minded people?


Whatever you want to call it -- wolfpack, clan, guild, tribe, crew, or fam, these people are like-minded individuals who love what you love and have the same hopes and dreams to build out their communities and share their content with a growing audience. Just make sure you don’t look at them as competition only, otherwise you’ll lose out on a huge learning and collaborating opportunity.




You can use the framework below to help you find your people:


1. The vetting process. What should you look for? Look for streamers who have similar interests and passions, but have content and channels that are still different from your own. Consider their personality, do you like who they are on stream and social? Or how they interact with their audience? Also look at their channel size, follower count, and overall experience. You’ll find the most success reaching out to streamers at a similar level as your own.


2. Where can I go to find them? You have to spend time doing your own market research on different platforms to know who’s out there doing the same things you’re doing. You can use any social media platform to find creators. Google, Reddit, forums, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook groups, Patreon, will come in handy along with the main streaming platforms like YouTube, Discord, Twitch, etc. Try and dedicate some time each week to learning about other creators in your niche and possibly making a new connection!


3. Don’t be afraid to reach out. Have courage, make the first move. Once you’ve found someone interesting, start engaging with their content, then follow up by sending them a DM. You can start by asking them a question, sharing something that’s helped you in the past, or something that they may find useful or interesting. This could lead to a mutually beneficial learning experience, future collaborations, or even a genuine friendship.


If you can’t find your people, don’t sweat it. When one person has a specific need like finding a community, you can be sure others are looking for the same thing. 


If you build it, they will come.


We built this incredible community of like-minded streamers you can access on our free Discord. Come join the party! 🎉

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