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Getting Creative With Your Stream
by Snoopeh

I put together a mega-list of 33 fun things to do on stream for the pleasure and entertainment of your viewers. These talking points and activities are guaranteed to boost engagement and keep up the excitement in chat:


1. Design an avatar with chat. Go through character creation with chat and let them help you design your avatar.

2. Hold a contest/goal. This will keep your viewers engaged. You can set any parameters you like, including a caption contest, or a follower milestone goal. If you are choosing a winner, have the reward be a give away or 1:1 time with you. Hitting a community goal might look like rewarding your viewers' with cosplaying as their favorite character.

3. Challenge a viewer to a game like Codenames Duet, Connect 4, or Skribblio (which is similar to Pictionary.) Make sure you're ready to boot or mods are on deck in case someone draws something not so PG in Skribblio. 

4. Tell a story. It could be fact or fiction. It helps to write it out before hand, and to rehearse it if the story is unfamiliar to you. It could be a ghost story, or a story of a bad date you went on. Mix it up a little, that time you went on a bad date with a ghost.

5. Paint a musical masterpiece. Experiments with Google has an interactive experience where you paint, and music plays according to your brush stroke and colour. 

6. Host a puzzle party. Solve a jigsaw puzzle together on easy, medium, or hard difficulty with your viewers.

7. Use an 3D synthesizer to drop some beats. Play around with a synthesizer in three dimensions and augmented reality to program different beats on stream. Get creating!

8. Play the QWOP game on stream. Here's your shot at becoming an olympic champion. I can't decide if it's funnier with zero practice or some practice, but it's guaranteed to get you laughs.  

9. Wear a costume or cosplay on stream. This could be for a holiday like halloween, Christmas, or Easter, or cosplaying as your favourite anime/tv/movie character. You can easily turn this into a reward for winning a contest or hitting a community goal. 

Who wore this Final Fantasy Tifa cosplay better? (Courtesy of @EsfandTV) 

10. Play an instrument, or sing. If you're one of the lucky gifted people who know how to sing, go for it. If you're just like the rest of us, you can even learn how to play an instrument over time on stream to create a narrative to follow. 

11. Do a tasting. Food and drink tastings are always fun, but you can do snacks as well. It's eating or drinking, plus your opinion and reviewing the items from best to worst. Try getting rare or uncommon flavours to make things more interesting.

12. Do an unboxing. Everyone loves a good unboxing video. You can do this in-game with games like League of Legends, or IRL if you want to buy a pack of magic cards, pokemon cards, etc. 

13. Voice chat with a viewer. Invite a viewer to come on voice chat with you and have a conversation! This one is easy to link to a reward as well. 

14. Show off your pet. If you have a furry (or scaly) friend living with you, show them off! People will love to see if you and your dog have the same haircut and kind of look the same. 

15. Play two truths and a lie. A party get-to-know-each-other classic. This is a great way to have an ice breaker and encourage lurkers to guess in chat. 

16. Picture slideshow. Create a slideshow from your last vacation, your pet, your family, or even your favourite classic cars. Having imagery to point to when you're chatting with viewers can make your stream more interesting. 

17. Interview another streamer. A great way to reach out to another streamer and collaborate with them. Find something in common to talk about, maybe it's the same game you're streaming, living in the same city, or having a similar number of followers. 

18. Play games with another streamer. Challenge another streamer to a 1v1, or play a co-op game mode with them. This is useful because you can both increase your visibility to new viewers. 

19. Arts and crafts. Around the holidays, a great way to engage is to make decorations on stream. It can be very relaxing and gratifying to do arts and crafts, or to watch someone else do it. 

20. Community movie night. Get your viewers to vote on what movie to watch. Twitch has a built-in feature in partnership with Amazon Prime Video. 

Twitch watch party for community movie nights. (Courtesy of Twitch)

21. Play would you rather with chat. The only limit to this party game is your imagination. A simple mental exercise that encourages viewers to interact with you. 

22. Share an indie game you discovered. You can also occasionally play an indie game that chat votes on. It's great to change things up once in a while. 

23. Discuss and vote on the next game you play. Have a lively discussion around what games you're interested in playing next, as well as what your followers would love to see you play. This could be for an indie game or a more mainstream one, and it would work best if you haven't found your niche yet. 

24. Rank the "best" fruits. You'd be surprised how up in arms people are about fruit and their own fruit tier lists. Try it and see for yourself. 

25. Fashion show with the most far-out clothes from your wardrobe. It doesn't matter what you wear, it's supposed to be a fun, light-hearted way to engage chat. If you used to dress as a goth in high school and kept some of your clothes, wear it.

26. Cook your favourite dish / bring them into the kitchen on stream. Give your audience a "behind-the-scenes" look at your stove while you make something you like to eat. It doesn't have to be fancy. You could try learning a new recipe and bring them along. 

27. Do this Pokemon quiz. With chat, try to complete this Pokemon picture identifier quiz of the original 151. Can you spell all of their names correctly? 

28. Invite a family member or friend to come on stream. Extra points if they don't know anything about streaming, and you spend the entire time explaining Twitch emotes to them. Have mods on hand to protect them from trolls. 

29. Share a baby photo, encourage chat to do the same. Extra points if you have a really awkward photo of yourself as a child.

30. Watch your top clips of all time. You can also watch old highlight VODs. This can be a really fun thing to do on stream with your audience. It's hard to watch yourself, but you can also get valuable feedback from chat about what they like and what they don't like about past content. 

31. Do a personality quiz. You can pick personality quizzes from any TV show, book, movie, etc.

32. Use An overlay for competitive players, this can be an exciting way to introduce another revenue stream via in-game missions set by your viewers. 

33. Play 20 questions with chat. A classic game for long car rides, this works great with entertaining chat. 

I hope this is enough to get you going. Now get out there and get creating! 

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