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Growing Your Audience From Zero
by Snoopeh

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One of the most common questions I hear is, "how do I build an audience from zero viewers?" 


I'm going to walk you through the best strategy for building an early audience.  


When you're first starting out, it's common to be thinking about growth and ways to quickly build an audience. However, instead of worrying about viewership on your main channel, you should focus on building connections across the different platforms that you use.


Some streamers might argue that you can just lean on the algorithm to get started, for example on platforms that offer better discoverability, like Facebook Gaming. While it's true that you could get picked up by Facebook's algorithm if you happen to be lucky enough to be streaming the right game at the right time, you can't base your growth on luck. Your viewership is going to be pretty volatile and it's going to be a frustrating experience.


Instead, build communities on different platforms, then funnel them into your channel. This is crucial in the beginning and gives you more control over your early stages of growth.

For example, you can start with people you play with online. Try and meet people that play the same genre of games that you do. Once you've built a genuine connection with another player, it's perfectly fine to invite them to watch your stream. If you need help making friends online, you can join communities like LFG (Looking For Gamers) on Discord. 


Another benefit of building your viewership through pre-existing relationships is that these people are more likely to recommend you to their friends than someone who's never interacted with you one-on-one. This is how you can tap into word-of-mouth growth. Spend 10 minutes every couple of hours just browsing and talking to people, but build these relationships organically. Don't try to hack it or force it.


Using tactics like follow4follow for inorganic growth won't work out in the long run. These followers don't represent actual growth, and you'll end up with a lot of busy streamers in your follow list who don't engage with your channel the way an actual viewer would. 


Instead, work on building genuine friendship networks on every platform you can, especially platforms that you really like to use as it'll come more naturally. Remember that when using different socials, you have to use different tactics. Don't cross-post the same content everywhere. While short, snappy, and temporal will work on Twitter, you'll have to be more relatable and educational on Facebook and bring the energy on TikTok.


You can also try talking to game developers. If you build rapport with a dev, you could be featured on their socials or get access to early keys. It's great for visibility as well; if a developer starts engaging back when you comment on their posts, you'll be seen by all of their followers.


Always keep in mind that people are connected via other mutuals on social too. Your reach extends beyond the people you're engaging with directly!


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