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Growing Your Social Media
by Snoopeh

5 Tips To Kickstart Your Growth On Social Media


Becoming a social media champion


Social media is a key channel for many streamers. It's a place where you can engage with your community at any time and give visitors a glimpse into who you are as a brand. If used correctly, it can also drive huge organic growth for your stream.


However, as many of you have told me, it can be hard to figure out what to focus on, especially when you have limited time. Here are five tips to help you narrow your focus and kickstart your growth on social media.


1.  Pick One Platform To Start On


With so many social platforms available today, it can feel like a necessity to be on all of them. In reality, that's counterproductive.


To give an example, are you likely to become amazing at ten new hobbies if you start them all at once? No, you'd probably be better off focusing on one. It takes time to learn about new communities, how a platform's algorithm works, what kind of content formats work best, etc.


Pick one social platform to focus on, become great at it, and build your audience there. Once you have that platform on autopilot, then you can expand to other platforms.


2.  Post Frequently


Here's how often I recommend posting on each platform:


Facebook: Post between 3-7 times a week. Shoot for once a day.

Twitter: Tweet around 10 times per day, but space them out. Don't post in quick succession.

Instagram: Publish one post per day, but also try to post some stories throughout the week as well.


3. Post A VARIETY Of Content


Promoting your live streams on your social profile is a great way to build your streaming audience organically, but you'll benefit more if you also sprinkle in other types of content. Bring your audience value beyond just your streams.


Some ideas:


- Share some news that your audience might want to know about (if you're subscribed to our newsletter, you can borrow links from our weekly news roundup 😉)

- Ask your audience to post their favorite VoD of all time. In addition to getting engagement from your audience, you'll also learn what kind of content they love the most!

- Tips and tricks. Are you really good at any particular game? Is there something you do really well for work that your audience might be interested in (like design)? If so, test a post around those topics. If not, try to find a problem that your audience might have, or ask them what they'd like to learn more about, and do some research around that.


In order to make your feed visually engaging, you will also want to make sure that you're posting more than just text; include videos and images as well.


If you ever feel stuck, just ask yourself, "who is my audience and what are they interested in?"


4. Plan Out Your Content Ahead Of Time


You're more likely to post as frequently as you should be if you have your posts ready to go. Pick a day of the week that works for you and spend an hour or two creating as much content as you can for the coming week.


This will save you more time than you think, because your brain will be in "content creation mode" and you'll be able to crank out more content. It can be challenging to try to warm up your brain and kick it into content gear if you're trying to create posts every single day.


Lastly, some platforms allow you to schedule posts ahead of time, but you can also do it via free tools like Hootsuite. Scheduling your posts at the start of the week will free up your mind for other tasks.


5. Interact With Other Creators


This one is so important and so underrated. Start engaging with other creators on whichever social media platform you're using.


What does this look like? For starters, find a creator you genuinely like and leave them an authentic comment, or share their content and add some brief commentary. Not only will this get you more follows from those creators, but you'll also open the door for future collaborations and eventually get visibility from their followers.


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