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How One Busy Dad Became A Facebook Gaming Partner
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by Pipeline Team

Meet Pitlanes Sim Racing – a dad and a full-time Information Manager who was able to juggle his life commitments and passion for streaming to become a Facebook Gaming Partner specializing in racing games!

Tell our readers a bit about yourself!

My name’s Rich, aka Pitlanes Sim Racing on Facebook. I started streaming back in 2014. I’d been running a website called Pitlanes (sim racing news) since 2012, and I'm pretty good at racing games, so I started dabbling in it.

Before covid I was having a tough time mentally and started to think more about streaming. It was something I never got to have a real go at and I realized that really wanted to start putting in the time, so I did.

What kinds of challenges did you face at the start?

I didn’t have a clear path, I didn’t know how to get to that clear goal. One of the toughest parts is accepting that you can’t control the numbers, you can’t control who watches. All you can do is stay on your toes, be dynamic, and control the production quality. You need the mental endurance to stay hopeful that people will come.

When did you first join Pipeline?

I joined back in January of 2020 for no reason other than I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to learn more about streaming and Stone seemed trustworthy.

I ended up being a Pipeline member for 4 months - it gave me the reassurance that I needed to get started. I loved the Playbook and how it started by encouraging you to think about your purpose and niche.

Mental health is as big of a passion of mine as racing. It’s not charity as a gimmick, it’s a true passion. I made this a focal point for my channel and that’s how it grew - people started sharing things about mental health.

Pipeline helped me validate the vision I had for combining racing with mental health. It was such a formative time for me and I really wanted to let you know how much I appreciated it.

And now I know 2 or 3 streamers that started streaming because of me. If I can do it following this guidance, literally anyone can. I’m a dad, I work full-time. I just stream as much as possible in my spare time.

Source: Pitlanes Sim Racing's Facebook Gaming Channel

Do you remember how big your audience was back then when you first joined?

I’m almost certain that it was less than 1,000. Now I’m nearly at 19,000 just over a year later. Lately I've been seeing spikes in my streams of 1,000+ ccv.

And when did you become a Facebook Partner?

Back in November of 2020. It’s funny because I didn’t think I was good enough. I thought, “I’m never going to be one of those people.” But my community was going crazy about me not being a Partner, so I finally submitted an application.

When did you start focusing on Facebook Gaming and how did you choose that platform?

It was back when I joined Pipeline. I was reading through the Playbook and when I learned how many members Facebook Gaming has, I realized I could be on everyone’s newsfeed. So I went all in on Facebook. Prior to that, I’d been streaming on every platform.

What would you say your biggest challenge is now?

Becoming a multi-game creator. I’ve been very conscious that if I lock myself into one game I’ll be in trouble. Luckily it’s going really well so far. I take a long time to plan before I try things out and it’s coming along really well.

Are you expanding to other genres as well or just racing?

No, I’m focusing on racing. I play COD sometimes because it brings people in, but mostly racing. I like to push racing on Facebook because it’s currently very FPS dominated and I know there’s an audience for racing. I want to continue to elevate racing on the platform and help the smaller streamers grow.

I’m also working on growing myself as a brand. I want my audience to come for me, no matter what I’m playing.

What’s your next milestone? Where do you want to be?

I want to become a full-time creator, so I’ve just been working on my finances so I can get there. It’s tough to put it together when you’ve got a daughter and a mortgage.

I have a great career and it’s hard to walk away from, I’m an information manager for an engineering company. The uncertainty is hard. But I’m so close, by summer I think I’ll be there.

Now I’m in a position where I can start to focus on partnerships and sponsorships. I have a reach of 1.2 million people on Facebook, but I have to learn the business side as well and think about how to differentiate myself from the next creator.

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. We wish you all the luck! Do you have any words of wisdom to share?

Dreams are achievable. You can do it. I firmly believe it based on what I’ve accomplished this past year.

Check out the Pitlanes Sim Racing channel for some proper racing content!


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