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How To Boost Discoverability
by Snoopeh

The "Key" Word To A Great Title


Choosing the right keywords for your title is one of the easiest things you can do to help your discoverability on any streaming platform.

Every platform relies on algorithms or machine learning (or a combination of the two) to suggest content to viewers, and it does that by using keywords found in your title or description to categorize what's being posted. If you use them correctly, it boosts your chances of being seen by the right people. 


Let's break it down by platform: 




Titles on Twitch are a bit of a curve ball in comparison to YouTube and Facebook Gaming. A lot of streamers include the game title, chat commands, or cute text-based emojis. Keep in mind you only have ~4-6 words that are visible to most twitch users so USE THE THEM WISELY. The first few words should be attention grabbing, help you stand out, and deliver on what the actual content of your stream is. Most streamers don't put in the time or effort to think about the title of their stream, and this is where you have an opportunity to stand out.


Twitch tags will do the heavy lifting for you. Here's a list of all of their tags, which take on a similar function as keywords or hashtags on other streaming platforms. 


Discovery on Twitch is based on machine learning, i.e. what the user has watched and clicked in the past, not algorithms. This is why it's tough to get discovered on the platform as a smaller creator. Don't let that get you down though, there's still lots of things you can do to improve your chances of getting found: 


How tags work: 


- You can add a maximum number of 5 tags to your stream, not including automatic tags. 

- Automatic tags include the language you've set for your stream, as well as the category (typically a game or an activity) you've selected 

- The majority of categories are game titles and have automatic tags attached. Selecting "Call of Duty: Warzone" will assign "FPS" and "Shooter" tags to your stream. Selecting "Minecraft" as your category will assign "Simulation," "Adventure Game," "Arcade," "MMO" and "Survival" tags.


The best way to find relevant tags is to go to "Browse" in the header, and under Categories and Live Channels, click the Filter by: Search Tags box and see what shows up. You can also search for specific games you're interested in streaming and see what tags people doing the same thing are using. A lot of the top streamers only use auto assigned tags, since they have enough engagement that they don't need the boost. It's a good idea to find streamers with a CCV (number of viewers at the same time) slightly above yours to see how you can improve and get to their level. 



Keywords in your title and the first sentence of your description are used for discovery on YouTube. They are by far the most important thing the algorithm looks at. Start with the search bar and input the beginning of the keyword you're interested in using. Say you're streaming Apex Legends, start by typing "Apex..." and the search bar will autofill with other popular keywords that people are already looking for. 


Don't try to use a 50 word run on sentence for your description, that doesn't work (we've already tested it for you.) YouTube has a character limit or line limit for keywords in your description's first sentence. 


Hashtags can also help, but are mostly effective if the user is searching with #. When you add hashtags to the description, they'll show up above your title in a smaller font. If you're looking to create more Roblox content for example, you can use the same technique or type #roblox into the search bar which will generate a list of top searched for hashtags. You can use these two tips to create content related to popular or trending tags. 


I've mentioned this before, but websites like VidIQ and TubeBuddy can help level up your YouTube views and find the most relevant keywords and hashtags for your content.


Facebook Gaming


The best thing hands down for discoverability on Facebook is engagement with your post: reactions, comments, and shares. Creating a post for your stream that encourages people to interact with it can be helpful when you're starting out. 


Use exciting titles that make people want to check you out. A good way to do this is to be open about your streaming goals, say the number of followers you're trying to hit. Don't be too obscure with your posts, and don't make them guess what it means. Click bait titles can be very effective, especially if you add emotions to them (happy, sad, angry, jealous, scared) but be careful not to mislead your audience. Remember you only have a few seconds to grab their attention, so choose your words wisely. If something works well, write it down and try to do the same or similar thing for your next stream.


Generic hashtags can help broaden your reach a little bit, but not by much. Facebook users generally are searching for keywords and not #hashtags. 


Another thing you can do is ask your followers to turn on notifications for your stream, so the reminder goes right to their phones when you're about to start. Here's a rundown of how to grow your community on Facebook Gaming.


There really is an art to using keywords, titles, descriptions, and hashtags to boost your discoverability. If you have any questions about it, join our Discord community and give us a shout! 

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