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Introducing the Pipeline Master Class
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Earlier this month, Pipeline introduced its new mentorship series, Master Class. A Master Class is a deep dive into a specific topic as requested by our members. Pipeline Master Class invites experts within the streaming community to speak about specific topics, such as their channel’s growth or tips on using a certain platform, and create a series of videos to help break down that topic. In this first Master Class, StoneMountain64 dives deep into YouTube! He discusses the entire content creation process, from upload to publishing. Among other things, you can learn about the YouTube algorithm, how to properly repurpose your livestream content, and utilizing YouTube to help you turn your passion into a career! Below are just a few of the major takeaways:

The Power of VoD

YouTube is an interesting beast. Being part of Google, it is one of the highest search volume websites for video content and is one of the highest traffic sites on the internet. It is incredibly important for streamers who are already established to start diversifying. And just as important for new streamers who are trying to establish a name for themselves to get started, depending on the niche.Creating VoD content can be very time consuming. So why do it?

  • For the audience: Maybe they love the stream, would love to watch 30 minutes from today’s stream they missed, but which part?
  • Diversification of content: This brings in more viewers!
  • The power of video content is that it works for you while you’re away or sleeping. Videos can go viral at any moment! This also increases the potential touch points for growth, engagement and discovery.
  • Discovery and growing your brand: VoD content helps you establish a name in what you are trying to do.

Attacking the Algorithm

In streaming it's easy to get wrapped up in the fact that you’re always creating new content. But remember that every minute is something new, and not everyone is there for every minute. The majority of the most viral and popular streamers know this fact and leverage it to make their content go as far as possible, indirectly or directly. Whenever you create content as a livestreamer, you are not only creating it for your live audience, but also for people who may watch it later. This is especially true for clips and YouTube videos.Repetition is much more prevalent to you, because you are always there for it. Still, here are some basic guidelines for repurposing your live content into condensed clips or YouTube videos:

  • When live
  • Repeat yourself as it’s the start of a video.
  • When dropping into games, purposefully set the stage for that game.
  • As you’re playing, make it engaging and don’t be afraid to bring popular topics back up If you’re not using a facecam, you can get even more specific with what you edit here, such as cutting what you said previously and moving it around
  • Make a fun outro
  • Leave a cliffhanger to come back for more.
  • You can redo an outro after the fact.
  • Be the first to upload content on a topic to gain more views
  • Have a good thumbnail and title for your video - this is what hooks viewers!
  • Control the length of your VoDs: 6 to 10 minutes is a pretty typical gaming video length, and about the length of time people stay interested.
  • Self-promote your content on other platforms to make sure all of your fans are in the loop

Another major consideration when creating VoD content is your platforms’ algorithm, which serves your content to people based on a multitude of factors. For YouTube, these factors include retention and clickthrough rates, which measure for how long people actually watch your videos, and recent uploads. Consistency is favored!Each piece of content you put out is a different opportunity to take up more area in that category. The way you tag it, title it, and what it is about, gives you more room to reach different audiences until something gains traction. Pro Tip: Use the search bar to help predict what is popular. Start to type your game in, look through the search results, and you can see how much competition there is.To recap, the content itself may typically be considered the creative part of your job, but it takes just as much creativity to repackage it into easily consumable VoDs. And remember to be sure that, when posting the content, you are actually targeting it to the algorithm.For the full scoop and how-to process on uploading content to YouTube, check out Stone’s Master Class here. And keep an eye out for the new Pipeline podcast, which will debut in the new year!

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