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L1fewater: A Twitch Success Story
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by Pipeline Team

Twitch is a tough platform to crack, but OG Pipeline member and Twitch streamer L1fewater has done exceptionally well over the past year. Read on to learn about his streaming journey, how he overcame some of the toughest roadblocks that streamers face, and how he's adjusting his strategy.

Tell our readers a bit more about yourself!

My name is Dan, AKA “L1fewater,” just your average internet fool who loves gaming and music. I’m also a mental health advocate, and someone who wants to create a space for laughs, as well as heart-to-hearts.

I started streaming in November 2018 and I hit affiliate on Twitch in January 2019. I’d always wanted to do it; I didn’t have much of a plan but I figured I’d just give it a go and enjoy it. So I started with Warframe but shortly after I started playing other games with friends and taking it more seriously.

What were some of toughest challenges you faced in the beginning?

When you first start streaming it’s all about learning. Unless you’re extremely familiar with working with content you’re going to make some mistakes. The real challenges come later on. The first major challenge for me was the scheduling, I was having a hard time preparing my streams and sticking to a regular schedule, which is so important.

People don’t think it’s a big deal when they’re first starting out but it really does make a difference. It helps your audience build a routine around your streams, sort of like when we were kids and our days revolved around the tv shows we loved.

L1fewater streaming Warframe

When did you first join Pipeline and why?

I joined in May of 2019, so pretty early on. Streaming was something I always wanted to pursue as a career, but I didn’t really know where to start. I wasn’t necessarily looking for help at the time, but I’m a big fan of League of Legends and when I saw that it was founded by Snoopeh I figured that it would be pretty legit. I also knew what he’d done at Facebook, helping build Facebook Gaming.

Do you remember how big your audience was when you first joined? 

I had around 125 followers on Twitch and a ccv of 4-5.

Had you gotten better at scheduling by then? If so, what other challenges were you working to overcome?

When I first joined, I felt all over the place. I knew some of the things that I had to do but I was so lost in other aspects. By then I had definitely started to recognize that I needed to be more consistent with Warframe. I was starting to figure out the scheduling and Pipeline really helped me iron that out.

I think the biggest struggle after scheduling was learning how to network and leverage other platforms to grow. I had so many questions around networking and brand building, just wanting to understand the right behaviors and language to reach out to other streamers.

Which one would you say was the toughest to figure out?

I was kind of just doing my thing on Twitch and doing well, but I wasn’t sure how to really use Twitter or other socials properly. I was also trying to outsource the YouTube VoDs when I should’ve been learning about it and doing it myself. So content creation and really putting myself out there on socials.

How are you handing content creation these days?

I’m definitely much better now. I’d have to say that the key factor wasn’t learning how to do it, what kept me going was just seeing it pay off in terms of numbers. I was frustrated while learning how to do it, but Pipeline helped reiterate that while it’s a difficult process, it’s just as important as streaming. You really need to have the same work ethic with your offline content as you do with streaming.

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to be as consistent with YouTube as I was with streaming. I’ve actually uploaded 3 YouTube videos every single week so far this year and now I’m just working to improve the quality each week. I’m also getting better at thumbnails. I have to give a shout out to Mighty Gamer Dad, another Pipeline member, who has an awesome video on thumbnails.

L1fewater's YouTube Channel

Has all that work paid off so far?

YouTube has been a slower grind and there are certain videos that just don’t do as well as others (it’s weird, my oldest video has 13,000 views), but I’m almost at 500 subscribers and my last video had 1,100 views. Warframe YouTube is pretty big on guides, but I’m also doing a community discussion where I invite players and content creators to discuss game improvements and try to get the devs involved. The devs actually ended up reaching out!

Awesome. And how many Twitch followers are you at now?

I’m now at 6,800 followers and my ccv is around 200.

That's amazing! What do you attribute that success to?

I really ran with the consistency thing. I play the same game regularly and have a set schedule. One thing I always knew was that I wanted to build a community and a place for people to do whatever. You can come talk about the game, or talk about your life; I always made sure to interact with my chat. I like to talk, I like to connect, so I made that the focal point. I like Warframe because I can play AND talk. So I think the community interaction and the consistency was really the right recipe for me.

What’s your next big goal as a streamer?

My next big goal is becoming a Twitch Partner, but I’d also like to try to add new games to the mix. I’ve been riding Warframe for a really long time and I’m starting to feel burned out, so my goal is to find a way to weave different types of content into my stream without gutting my audience and my growth.

We’re so excited about your success this past year and wish you more of it. Thanks so much for your time. Do you have any words of wisdom you’d like to leave us with?

Nothing that’s not already in the Playbook, haha!

Make sure to swing by L1fewater's channels and say hi!



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