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Lessons From A Facebook Gaming Partner
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by Pipeline Team

Pipeline's brand is defined by our community. Today, we wanted to celebrate one member who's recently experienced some well-deserved success! Meet TelleVision.

TelleVision hanging out with chat

Could you tell our readers a bit more about yourself?

I’m Telle, and I stream under the name TelleVision on Facebook Gaming. I’m originally from Brooklyn, NY, but I just moved to California 6 months ago. I'm currently studying Biology in college and I've been streaming for around 2 years.

First off, I wanted to congratulate you on both becoming a Facebook Gaming Partner last month AND being accepted into the first round of the Pipeline x Corsair Scholarship Program.

All at once, it’s been mind-blowing.

I know that becoming a Facebook Gaming Partner was a goal that you wanted to accomplish by the time you graduated. How has that been?

To this day it’s still surreal. I can't even describe it, it's just mind-blowing. It’s allowed me to connect with other creators who were partnered at the same time as me. As far as benefits, it’s opened more doors in terms of networking. People are always curious about who the new partners are.

Well we’re so happy you're still here with us. When did you first join Pipeline and why?

I joined back in October of 2019. It was 7-8 months after I'd started streaming, and I was really lost, I didn’t know where to go next. I was playing battle royale and wanting to branch out to another game, but was worried about tanking when switching games.

I wondered if I could do both. I wanted to play both and still grow, and the Playbook really helped me out with that.

Do you remember how big your audience was back then?

I think I had around 7,000 followers on Facebook Gaming.

What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve had to overcome as a streamer?

I'd say that scheduling my streams and developing offline content have been big challenges for me. I've been wanting to grow my YouTube channel, I just started working on that again last summer. So trying to find a balance between those two. It’s something I’m still working to improve.

TelleVision streaming Warzone

Which one was the toughest to overcome?

Now I’m at a pretty good place with scheduling my streams, but I’m still trying to figure out how to best distribute my offline content. For example, which content I’m uploading to social media, to my Facebook page, etc. I’m keeping up with posting on my Twitter and Facebook, but I still need to focus more on the videos.

Why was it so difficult?

I think it’s because when you’re not in a routine you’re all over the place. When it comes to streaming and content creation, you need to build a routine. You upload at this time, or every two days, etc. There's so much content that you can work with and so many platforms, I'll be thinking, "should I upload a clip from my last stream to Twitter?"

When we factor in multiple things like content creation and content distribution we can get overwhelmed and find difficulty in locking in a schedule that works.

So it’s more about the routine?

Right now, yeah. I do have a hard time coming up with content ideas too, but I've gotten better at it. I’m good about writing my ideas down in a journal and I try to constantly refine them day after day so I have a working list of content to work with.

But as far as getting into a routine with content creation, I didn’t know where to start. I wasn’t making videos at all because I didn’t know which editing software to use or how to edit. I was just overwhelmed.

How did Pipeline help you overcome that challenge?

There were many topics regarding scheduling and content distribution in the Playbook. It gave me a starting place, recommended editing software (I use Filmora). Chatting with other streamers in the Discord was also really helpful, they taught me about the different resources and how to best get the help that I needed.

Now you’re a Facebook Gaming Partner, Pipeline x Corsair Scholar, and well on your way to success. How many followers do you have now?

I’m at 29,000 on Facebook Gaming. My CCV has gone up consistently, from 50 to 100+ in the past year and a half!

What’s your next big goal in streaming?

I just want to keep growing. At this point I’m focusing on the connections that I make. Connections, sponsorships - this is the year that I want to focus on those things and really solidify my plan for the future.

How can we can continue to support you?

I always revisit the Playbook, and the connections that I've made on the Pipeline Discord are invaluable. Leveraging Pipeline's community to find new platforms to stream on and people to collaborate with I think will continue to be huge resources for me.

Well we can’t wait to see you reach the top. Thanks again for your time and for being such a great inspiration to our community. Do you have any words of wisdom you’d like to impart to our readers?

Yes. Keep going, even when you think things might not be working out. They are, keep going!

Make sure to check out TelleVision on Facebook Gaming and give her some love!

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