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Managing A Busy Schedule
by Snoopeh

🏹  How To Make Progress With A Crazy Schedule


Many streamers have a hard time juggling life and content creation. At times it can feel impossible to manage kids, work, hobbies, life's recurring curveballs, and streaming. Sometimes, when we finally sit down to get something done, it can take quite some time to organize our thoughts, especially if we're not in the right mindset. We also tend to trick ourselves into thinking that by staying busy, we're being productive. In reality, we should measure productivity by the time we spend working on things that will make an impact. 


I know that building efficient routines is easier said than done, so I've put together some tips to help you get more done with the limited time you have. Pick a day of the week (Sundays or Mondays are good options) and sit down to do the following weekly planning:


1. Prioritize your tasks


When you have limited time, the first thing you have to do is prioritize which activities you should focus your time on. Ideally you want to spend the most time on tasks that will move the needle.


Make a list of everything that you have/want to do, and then categorize the tasks based on the impact they’ll have and the effort (money or time) they’ll take to complete. You can use this priority matrix for more clarity:


Everyone's tasks will vary, but generally speaking, you want to focus on as many of the Easy Wins as you can (unavoidably, you'll likely also spend some time on Incremental tasks). I suggest chipping away at some Big Bets as well, just make sure they're not taking up all of your time.


2. Break down your tasks into smaller tasks


Once you've identified your top priorities, break them down into smaller tasks that won't require you to do further planning once you've sat down to work.

For example, if your highest-priority task is getting a new highlight VOD up on YouTube, you could break it down into the following tasks:


- Scrub through your broadcast

- List the best moments and timestamps

- Put a storyboard together

- Clip the highlights and produce the edit

- Work on the thumbnail

- Brainstorm the video title and description


See how much easier those tasks are to plan for? Now instead of feeling like you have to spend hours slogging on the video all at once, you have a set of simpler tasks that you can tackle throughout your week.


3. Block off your calendar


Once your task list ready to go, open up your calendar and find time slots that you can squeeze them into. Afterwards, go ahead and create events for those tasks so that they appear on your calendar.


Now you've removed any kind of thinking requirement beyond what's needed to accomplish the task at hand. All you have to do is show up!


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