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November Streaming News Roundup
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Gaming is a large and fast-moving industry, and sometimes it can be hard to keep track of everything happening via Twitter or other social media. To help streamline the process, we at Pipeline have put together a brief list of some major news from the month of November. Read on below!

More big streamers moving platforms

These latest moves are further proof that competition amongst streaming platforms is only growing. Twitch is losing ground as the go-to platform for streamers, but this means that there are more communities to join and you have more room to grow. Take advantage of this time to look into what each platform has to offer, i.e. what’s most comfortable for you, which has the largest community for your game, etc. For more tips on this, check out our last blog post on Choosing Your Streaming Platform and Driving Community Engagement.

Twitch Studio Beta

Twitch Studio Beta went live November 12th. Twitch Studio (for Windows 7 or better) is a free streaming software designed for new streamers. It includes:

  • Guided Setup for your mic, webcam, monitor resolution, bitrate, and more, to make sure your stream can look and sound the best it can with your current setup
  • Customizable Templates for you to start personalizing your stream
  • Integrated Alert System for engaging with Twitch chat and the Twitch community at large

Note about health insurance sign ups (US)

If you're a full-time streamer in the US you likely need to get your own health insurance. Open enrollment is November 1st through December 15th. This is your window to get coverage. To learn more, read this article on Health Insurance for Streamers, written by a finance expert.

Pipeline announces partnership with Visuals by Impulse

ICYMI Pipeline announced its partnership with Visuals by Impulse (VBI), an industry leader in design - an integral part of branding.VBI have the ability to help service our members from the early stages of a streamers journey, all the way to supporting some of the top streamers in the industry, with completely custom graphics packages. CourageJD, Mini Ladd, and Nadeshot are just a few of the big names they’ve helped in creating “stream packages.” And coming soon: our own community members will have access to an exclusive Pipeline-VBI stream package! For more, see our announcement and interview with VBI founder and CEO Caleb Leigh.

Did we miss any major news? What are your thoughts on the latest platform moves? Join the conversation below!

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