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Snoopeh's TwitchCon Highlights
by Snoopeh

Was it good? Was it bad? What’s new? Anything you should know?Now that the dust has settled after the event and hopefully all attendees have recovered from the inevitable event flu (yes, it is a thing!) we are here to give you the download! This was a really special TwitchCon for us at Pipeline as we held our FIRST EVER meet up! It was so incredible cool to see members of the community bringing the ONLINE to the OFFLINE.

Pipeline Meetup at TwitchCon, by IAmBPala[/caption]We are looking forward to doing more of these and highly encourage our members to meet up in person whether at a con or in their local city.Let's dive in!

The Venue

This was a massive win for Twitch. Last year, the joke was Line Con and this year it was anything but. We are SO glad that they brought it back to San Diego.

TwitchCon 2019 courtesy of Bitcorn[/caption]Having attended 5+ TwitchCon, this is by far the best venue and city for the event. We are so glad they returned here and it is confirmed that it will be in San Diego in 2020! YES!


The most dominating product news was about ADs where they have made significant changes, our take is overall it’s good but the frequency is annoying.

  • Option to Disable Pre-Rolls if you run 2x ADs Per Day
  • ADs now run PiP (Picture in Picture) which means viewers will be able to see your muted stream in the corner while the AD is playing.
  • Affiliates will now get ADs and go through Brand Safety review
  • ADs will now have standardized volume so you don’t get a massive fright!


Mod View preview courtesy of Twitch[/caption]We all love our mods and we’re so glad they are becoming more empowered to help creative positive communities on Twitch.There is now a new channel mode called “Mod View” which brings all the moderators tools into one place. Make sure to tell your mods!

Channel Page & Trailers

Honing in on that new viewer experience is something Twitch really hasn’t prioritized. Creators had to hack around it to let people know who they were and when they streamed.Thankfully the new channel trailers and page layouts are starting to roll out which should make this MUCH better.

Channel Preview courtesy of Twitch[/caption]You need to be able to put your best foot forward when someone stumbles upon you!

Dr. Lupo's Closing Speech

We all love Lupo and even more after such a great closing speech to wrap out the con.

He’s done more to raise the visibility of charitable giving in streaming than any other content creator this year and we’re so glad he is getting the recognition for it.We wanted to give him a special shout out as one of our highlights of Twitch Con.

See you next time!

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