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Switching To Facebook Gaming
by Snoopeh

Should I Make the Move to Facebook Gaming?


In case you haven't heard yet, Facebook Gaming made a huge announcement last week. Shots were fired, and you can bet Twitch and YouTube are paying attention. Of course this is causing a ton of FOMO amongst streamers, so I wanted to explain how this could impact you. 


The big question is: how does this impact me?


I keep hearing this question "should I move to Facebook Gaming?" so I did the math and broke it down for you below:


Currently, Twitch takes 50% of subscription earnings from affiliates. YouTube takes 30% from partners, and Facebook promises to take 0% of subs (on PC) until the end of 2023. Their fee previously was 30%, the same as YouTube.


*Guaranteed for 2.5 years until the end of 2023


At one sub per month, you're not seeing any major advantages to streaming on Facebook. However, if you happen to have 100 monthly subs, you're looking at making an additional $3,000 on Facebook over Twitch. At 1000 monthly subs, that amount is closer to $30,000.


So here's the catch: that's a big difference for a select few.


This applies for PC subs, and doesn't include mobile. Unless you're telling your community to subscribe exclusively on PC, it may not be as beneficial as Facebook is making it out to be. Also If you've built up a following on a specific platform, it may not be worthwhile for you to switch because you'll end up losing followers in the move, and you have to re-qualify for partner status on Facebook Gaming.


These are all things worth considering before making a move. At the end of the day, it's better to go with the platform you feel most comfortable using, the one that gives you a sense of home. 


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