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Understanding PR Basics
by Snoopeh

5 Steps To Building A Great Reputation


Having a good reputation makes people want to collaborate with you, while a bad reputation could cost you. Make sure you follow these 5 Steps To Good Streamer PR below -- your future self will thank you.


First of all, what is PR? PR stands for Public Relations. While marketing is about building your brand and paid advertising, PR is all about your reputation. The most crucial difference between the two is that good PR can only be earned, not bought. Early streamers need to pay close attention - fewer followers means that each follower's opinion counts more.


Pick your battles and think twice before hitting that send button.


5 Steps To Good Streamer PR


1. Use a positive tone. It's so important to be positive and supportive of other creators in their time of need. What you say and do affects your community and your reputation, so set the tone and lead by example. If you behave in a toxic way or say negative things, that's what you'll end up being known for.


2. Avoid hot button topics. Cancel culture is a big deal right now. Rather than thinking short term and chasing clout, think twice before getting involved. Most of the time it's better to stay neutral in your position, with a positive tone. 


3. Be neutral in your position. Understand where "neutral" is, and the tipping point to where the it can turn toxic. Knowing when to be quiet and when to choose your words wisely is a skill that requires a ton of practice and shows maturity as a streamer and a human being.


4. Think twice before pressing send. Your opinion is valid, but keep it to yourself and those close to you. It's okay to be openly opinionated as long as you're still respectful!


5. Realize that reputation lasts. When you gain a reputation for something, say being rude or offensive, that follows you around forever. Plenty of individuals and companies decide not to pursue partnerships with creators because of their bad reputations.


This is a topic that is taken for granted by most inexperienced streamers, but believe me, when you get to a point where this stuff matters, you'll want to have a squeaky clean record. 


Good Streamer PR and Dealing With Trolls And Toxicity are two sides of the same coin. If you find yourself on the receiving end of online harassment or toxicity, read this next article I wrote.


As always, don't hesitate to reach out to Pipeline staff and our streamer community on our free Discord server

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